This year I had the pleasure of working with the Vo-Gignac family. Mom and Dad wanted to celebrate Ollie’s second birthday at the happiest place on earth. I love Disneyland, so much that my kiddos are usually the ones not wanting to tag along. I could honestly be there all day. So you could imagine my excitement when Juliette reached out to me for Ollie’s birthday photos at the most magical place!

Disneyland Photography Session. -

Ollie was so cute, he was loving all the Christmas decorations and all the rides we got to enjoy together. I would have to say his favorite was Pirates of the Caribbean, or maybe the teacups…no wait Jungle Cruise…who am I kidding? He loved them all!

Thank you Juliette, Jeff and Ollie for letting me tag along and document this fun day for you and for being willing to dance in the middle of New Orlean’s Square as the band played!

Want to learn more about how to book your session at Disneyland with us? We love to document the experience of you and your family making these memories. As you ride the attractions and really soak up that smile your little one makes as they see their favorite Disney character or the expression as they walk around the park. Our vision is for you all to enjoy your time at Disneyland together as we get those little in between moments for you.