Wedding Planning Checklist

Recently engaged and don’t know where to start? You’re in luck! As a wedding photographer you can imagine we’ve been through it all. We have seen what works and what doesn’t. We want you to enjoy the planning process, this time should not be a time of stress, or make you want to scream. Following along this checklist will ensure you are on track and top of things, in a stress free way. Remember, that what you make of it, is what you will take from it. Enjoy this season, it is worth it, we promise.

You said YES, what’s next?

This probably one of the most exciting parts of the planning process, if not the best. This is when you start to blend those Pinterest Boards you started a while back, or look through the magazines you have held onto. Grab all your inspiration and start putting together a vision for your day. Read all about the 7 Tips For The Newly Engaged .

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  • Number one on the list, talk about numbers. You want to create a budget early in the planning so you can better prepare, plan and add the things that meet that budget.
  • Start a wedding folder, add to or create a new Pinterest board.
  • Reserve a date!
  • Research vendors.
  • Start the guest list.
  • Have yourself an engagement party! This is a good time to also choose your wedding party.


This is the best time to start booking your vendors. Some vendors book up to a year before the wedding date. If you have your eye on a particular venue, photographer or florist, I encourage you to reach out as soon as you know you want to book them.

  • Choose a venue!
  • Hire your vendors! Check out some of our favorite vendors in the industry.
  • Say Yes to the dress!
  • Reserve a block of rooms for your guest, if you will have a lot of guest from out of town.
  • Register for gifts! (Now, who doesn’t want to do this!)
  • Launch a wedding website!
  • Choose your wedding colors! Read all about 5 Tips On How To Choose Your Wedding Colors


This is the time in your wedding planning process where it all starts to come together. My favorite time with my couples because this is when we start to plan for the engagement session. Read all about What to wear for an engagement session?

  • Select and purchase invitations.
  • Start planning your honeymoon. (Take me with you!?)
  • Shop for bridesmaid dresses.
  • Meet with vendors.
  • Schedule your engagement session with us. Let’s start with location. Read all about our Favorite Engagement Session Locations in OC
  • Once you get your photos back from your engagement session, send out save the dates! Make sure to include a reply by, and add date.


Almost there, can you even believe it? You’ve gotten through the hard stuff. Now it’s time to start putting everything into place.

Spanish inspired Wedding. -
  • Book a rehearsal space, dinner, etc.
  • Check on wedding invitations and confirm that you have your save the date responses.
  • Send out guest list for your bridal shower.
  • Schedule a hair and makeup trial.
  • Narrow down your music list for your wedding. (Dance it off!)


You’re not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed. This is normal in this stage of planning. Take a deep breath and enjoy it all coming together.

  • Finalize the menu, flowers, cake tasting, seating chart etc.
  • Order favors, if desired.
  • Make a list of people doing a toast.
  • Schedule your last dress fitting.
  • Make sure your rings are sized and ready.
  • Shop for groomsmen suits. Check out at Friar Tux and use code A9311 for an exclusive offer.
  • Send out invitations. BONUS: Number your RSVP’s and keep track on a spreadsheet, just in case someone forgets to sign their name.
  • Enjoy your bridal shower!


Home stretch, make sure to get a lot of rest during this time. Let the pampering begin!

  • Schedule a spa day! *Not necessary, but definitely recommended.
  • Touch base with all vendors.
  • Finalize a timeline!
  • Complete wedding questionnaire, with me.
  • Review playlist with DJ/Band
  • Enjoy your bachelorette party!
  • Don’t forget to purchase wedding party gifts!
  • Book a hotel stay, if needed, for the wedding night.


How did time fly by? You’ve made it this far, hopefully in one piece, and in good spirit. All the hard work is about to pay off.

  • Refer to your spreadsheet, check in with the guest who you have not received an RSVP from.
  • Get your marriage license!
  • Inform guest who are invited to the rehearsal dinner where it will be.
  • Last dress fitting, for extra precaution!
  • Send out final payments to your vendors.
  • Confirm times with vendors.
  • Provide guest with information, if not already in the invitation. Your wedding website, would be perfect to use for this!
  • Write your vows. Don’t rush them on the day of!


I can hear your joy! As your photographer, I am full of excitement too. This week is intended to be stress free. Don’t let the things that aren’t happening “perfectly” affect your overall experience. Nothing is ever perfect, you define what makes your day an amazing one. Make it count!

Orange County Wedding Photographer -
  • Reconfirm with vendors, if needed, for arrival times.
  • Delegate small wedding tasks. A supportive wedding party will get you through the day.
  • Send timeline to wedding party, if needed.
  • Confirm timeline provided, by me.
  • Set up a phone call with me! Love to hear how you are doing and chatting for a bit about your day.
  • Set checks aside for vendors requiring payment day of. It’s important to assign this job to someone you trust. Label the envelopes by vendor name/type.
  • Break in those wedding shoes. Wear them around the house, make sure they are comfortable.
  • Pack up for your honeymoon, if traveling right away.
  • Don’t forget, relax!


IT’S HAPPENING! This day is all about making memories, enjoying the day, no matter what. And remember to spend some quality time with your spouse. As your photographer, I schedule in some time for you two, with no on in sight! Wedding days can happen rather quickly, so it is our goal to get you to stop, breathe, and soak up the moment with one another.

For a tangible copy of the checklist head here.

Must Have Tools For All Photographers

Ever wonder what you really need to run a successful photography business. With so many tools out there, we get that it can be overwhelming researching, trying out the new products, or signing up for new services. Not only can it cost you a lot of money, but it takes time and work. I’ve put together a guide of the must-haves for my business. Seriously, these are the tools I cannot run my business without.

My rule when investing in any service or a product is that it must meet my criteria of three:

  • 1. Will it save me time?
  • 2. Will this create a better experience for my clients?
  • 3. Will I use it often?

While these services work for my business, note that they may not all be ideal for your business. It is important to invest in opportunities that fit your brand and will help your business grow.


Hands down the best investment, thus far! I can’t imagine running my business without this platform. Honeybook offers an experience that will benefit not just you, but your clients as well. It is an all in one service that allows you to view, and engage with inquiries. Literally, the second your prospective client inquiries you get an email with all the details. You are able to communicate with your clients, schedule meetings, send proposals, contracts, receive payment and create timelines. The best part is that you are able to customize a workflow that fits with your business. From start to finish, you do this with ease. BONUS: Their mobile app is just as amazing! If you have not signed up, stop what you’re doing and go! Use my code for 50% off your first year. HONEYBOOK 50% OFF CODE 

Photo Mechanic

If you’re trigger happy like me, then this is something you definitely need. I typically use this to cull through my wedding galleries, as on average I look through 1,500 to 3,000 images per wedding. Photo Mechanic has made it easy to be able to hand select the images through their service and edit on your preferred editing platform.

Noble Presets

Love these presets so much! I use the Signature and BLK Preset that Noble offers. These presets allow me to create consistent imagery that represent by brand. Here at SWP we are all about the timeless, soft and romantic tones. These film inspired presets are a must for light and airy photographers. BONUS: They offer a mobile preset too!

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Lightroom Classic and Photoshop are where the magic happens. Once I have hand selected my images through Photo Mechanic, I open them up in Lightroom and along with my handy-dandy Noble presets, I start to curate the imagery to deliver my final product. While you are able to do some adjustments in Lightroom, cloning and what not, my preferred platform to touch up images is through Photoshop. This way nothing unnecessary or distracting to the eye will remain in the final product. BONUS: Once you enroll in their services, you also get access through their mobile app!


One of the newest services I have been using for my business is JPEG Mini . This platform is amazing, it allows you to reduce file size without affecting the overall quality of your image. This is a plus for many reasons, it allows me to have more space available as I store on my external drive, on my online gallery and as I upload onto my website. Definitely would recommend this to everyone, not just photographers. * I use this platform once I have edited and exported the final gallery from Lightroom.


There are tons of online gallery services out there, but Pixieset has worked best for my business. From their printing lab options, to their subscription plans, and the overall clean look when presenting the gallery to my clients. On there we are able to create a Favorites List, share with family and friends on Facebook, and customize what they’d like others to see. Sign up using our code! PIXIESET SIGN UP CODE

Two Bright Lights

Getting your work recognized isn’t always an easy task. Now, with Two Bright Lights you don’t have to stress about all the time it takes to send to each publication. With convenience and hundreds of editors and publications to choose from, TBL is an amazing platform to connect you to the community and put your work out there for others to enjoy.


For a clean and consistent feed, Planoly allows you to plan ahead. Using this has given me the creative outlet to hand pick what content to share, without feeling overwhelmed. It is really a great platform to organize. BONUS: Planoly is mobile friendly!

Bonus! Favorite Mobile Applications

Unfold | A great mobile app for Instagram stories! They offer a wide variety of templates for photo grids, fonts and so much more.

Word Swag | Love using this for creative ads, elegant stories and so much more!

Sun Seeker | Ever wonder where the sun will set? You don’t have to anymore!

Canva | Also available on your desktop. This platform is great for creating ads, Facebook covers, Pinterest post imagery, PDF’s, and so much more.

Not sure still? No worries! Many of these services offer free trials. These are great to test the waters and see what works better for you! Remember, find what fits your brand and business model best!

What to wear for an engagement session?

The engagement session is one of our favorite parts of our time together. It is a time to capture you both in this amazing season of your life. Being engaged is sometimes a short journey, and we want you to enjoy every moment of it, no matter how long the planning process. This also gives you both the chance to be in front of our cameras before you get married, allowing your wedding experience to unfold with ease and comfort.

We’ve put together a guide to help you better prepare for your engagement session. On what to wear, what to bring and how to plan.

For Her

Dress it up! This is your chance to dress up! Have you been eyeing a dress, a tulle skirt, or a flower crown you haven’t quite figured out what occasion to wear it to? This is your time. There is no such thing as “too dressed up” when it comes to your engagement session, so don’t shy away from wearing something different.

Some of our favorite pieces for engagement sessions are flowy dresses and skirts, the movement on camera always looks playful and whimsical. While we don’t recommend jeans or shorts for your session, we always want you to feel your best!

Carbon Canyon Regional Park Engagement Session -

One or Two, it’s up to you! Most of our brides choose two outfits. not 100% sure on something dressy, no problem, you can wear something that screams more “you“. No pressure on finding two outfits, it’s better to have one you absolutely love over 2 you’re unsure about!

Flattering your features! Choosing a flattering silhouette and color or colors, that will compliment your natural features is best! You want to be comfortable, you will enjoy your time with me much more! Every gal has a particular part they are conscience about, knowing this will help you pick the right outfit. You can consider three-quarter or long sleeves to create a more slimming look, you could bring a jacket or blazer.

Southern California Elopement Photographer. -

Accessories! Pairing one or two with your outfit can make all the difference, bringing extra dimension to your images. Statement necklaces will be more visible in your images than dainty ones. Both great options! Just depends the look you’re going for. A floral crown, hat, or hair piece can elevate the look even more!

Hair and Makeup! Go all out and schedule some hair and make-up trials. it will really give your photos that “wow” factor and give you an idea of how much makeup you’ll wish to wear on your big day. Remember, that in most cases, it is not normal to wear that amount of makeup so it is common to feel out of place.

For Him

Men look most striking in a well-tailored suit. Doesn’t have one? Reach out to us, Friar Tux offers rentals for engagement sessions, we’d love to send them your way.

So Cal Engagement Photographer -

Mix it up! Wear a suit coat, blazer or sport coat with a different pant color, or dark colored blue or black jeans to dress it up!

Layer up! They look great on camera, it is worth the hour or two in them, trust us! It will bring extra dimension and visual interest to your photos.

The Details! Ties, bowties, pocket squares, colored socks, belts, tie clips, suspenders- the list goes on! There are a lot of ways to have the guys dress up their look.

Newport Beach Engagement Session, Orange County Photographer -

Choosing Colors

We recommend selecting lighter tones and more muted shades. By avoiding those ultra-bright colors, it will allow to bring all the attention to your faces, the sweet moments, with no obvious distraction. The camera loves soft pinks, muted blues, heather gray, creams and leather brown! The soft tones look great in the outdoor environments.

Coordinating The Looks

Don’t think “matchy-matchy”! While you want to coordinate outfits that will go together, the rule of thumb is to choose tones that compliment each other. You don’t want to both be in all black, or all white, you want to add some depth and some color to tell your arm apart from the other, etc. Think color palette. Choose a dominate color and find another color that will help balance it out.


If you want your engagement session to stand out, or showcase who you are as a couple, make sure to bring items to help personalize it. Bring a little extra something with you like a freshly picked bouquet, a basket filled with picnic goods, a champagne, even comics! Bring anything you’d love to incorporate, we are happy to photograph it for you!

BONUS TIP! Schedule a date night after your session! If you’re all dressed up, go paint the town red!

Check out our blog posts on our Favorite Engagement Session Locations in Orange County.

Favorite Engagement Session Locations in Orange County

Engagement sessions are some of our favorites! We don’t ever get tired of saying that. Each one so unique. What’s not to love about telling your love story. Plus, during our engagement session we get to know each other, but most importantly we get to learn how silly and great you two are together! Before we talk about our favorite locations here in Orange County, we wanted to provide you with some helpful tips on how to narrow down your choices. We understand that choosing a location is not an easy task, especially when you live in beautiful Southern California, the sunshine state, that has endless choices.

TIP 1: When choosing a location it is important to choose one that represents who you two are, something you both love, something that is meaningful to you. Maybe you love to hike, so a beautiful trail may be your choice, or the beach because you love to swim or surf together, maybe you want to have your session at a coffee shop where you first met. The possibilities are endless and we love when you get creative and think outside the box.

TIP 2: If you don’t have one specific location, like the coffee shop you first met at, or a particular beach you frequently visit together. Your first step will be to decide on the type of scenery you are wanting for your session, then we can start looking into wether it’s the beach, an open field, or a field with a lot of trees, hills, or an urban location, like a rooftop. Hey, maybe what you’re looking for is lifestyle session at home, all of these are great options.

TIP 3: Some couples choose a location that is either at or near their venue, and so choose to have a theme for their session to match their overall wedding feel. If you are getting married in an industrial building, then maybe a rooftop or studio session would be your choice, and so on.

Now that we have this out of the way, here are some of our favorite locations in Orange County. Our SWP couples love these locations and we always get the best results. Note, based on the season, locations may look different in the fall than they do in the spring. Think, more green in Spring and Summer months!

Victoria Beach | Laguna Beach, California

One of the most popular spots our couples choose is the magical Victoria Beach. With an amazing view of a stunning tower, it looks like it came right out of a Disney movie. Provides the best backdrop for those romantic photos!

Little Corona Del Mar | Newport Beach, California

We not only love it for the incredible sunsets, we also love the many rock formations throughout the beach. The sun is always shining so bright here!

Orange County Wedding Photographer, Beach session. -

Mission San Juan Capistrano | San Juan Capistrano, California

The mission offers some historic views, beautiful greenery surrounded by beautiful architecture. There is no corner that is not picture worthy here.

San Juan Capistrano Open Space Field | San Juan Capistrano, California

The field that keeps on giving. This is one of our favorite locations for versatility. During the spring and beginning of summer this field blooms so beautifully, surrounded by green grass and yellow blooms, it makes any sunset look so magical.

Yorba Regional Park | Anaheim, California

Hidden gems and thinking outside the box, that’s why we are here. Love that this park has so much to offer and you would never know it! No matter the time of the day, this parks gives us some of the prettiest light and amazing views.

Rooftop Parking Structure | Downtown Santa Ana, California

Something a little untraditional and fun. Any location we choose, we make sure the lighting is amazing, and this location is no exception. Love the clean and urban look of this backdrop. Has become a favorite amongst our couples.

We always love trying out new locations, but also love to revisit some of our favorites. No matter where we are, we are always chasing light!

Now, that you’ve picked your location, let’s get your outfits all planned out. Check out our blog post on What to wear for an Engagement Session?

5 Tips On How To Choose Your Wedding Colors

If you are like me and have a difficult time making decisions, then this article is for you. Choosing your wedding colors isn’t always easy! You may love more than just one color. We get it, there is so much at stake and it requires careful consideration. After all this is what essentially helps create that vision for your big day. The good news is that you don’t have to stick to just one, find the palette that works for you and go for it. Here are 5 tips that can help steer you in the right direction.

Peterson Anniversary Session, Orange County Photographer

1. Choose the main color

This is the color you want to be showcased throughout your wedding decor, the main color if you will. It can be on your wedding cake, stationery, linens, wedding party attire, the ideas are endless. Once you decide on your base color, then you can select complementing color palettes to accent for the rest of your wedding decor. These colors tend to be more neutral so that it can be used as accents throughout, such as the florals, plate settings, favors, and candles. The undertone for your wedding color needs to be bold, something that really helps stand out. You can display this on the accent florals on your wedding cake, centerpieces, maybe even the ribbon on your bouquet. Don’t overload with options, stick to 3-4 colors/tones at most. Consider this: Main color, neutral color(s) and statement color.

2. Consider your season

Need help choosing a palette? Feel inspired by your season. Select accent colors that enhance the season you’ll be getting married in. Lean towards warmer and bright tones during the summer, blush tones during the spring and use more bold statement and deep colors like orange, fuchsia, and copper tones during the fall. This is also something to discuss with your florist. You may have your eye on some flowers which can be nearly impossible to get or can cost more than you’d expect. Consult your florist for in season florals.

3. Be inspired by your venue

Does it have a lot of greenery, or are there a lot of white walls? All of this will contribute to the decision making. You want your wedding decor to stand out and make a statement. So, if you have contrasting patterns, or decor from the venue in place, choose your colors according to that. *Bonus tip: When choosing colors for your wedding party consider things like this: Does your venue have a lot of greenery, then having your wedding party wear green might not be the best fit. Remember, your wedding party does not have to wear the main color or tone chosen for your day.

4. Decide on your wedding style

Are you wanting to do something classic, modern, or bold? The colors you choose will reflect the style and look you wish to have for your wedding day. Once you pick the theme you’d like for your day, then you can start choosing tones that will complement that vision.

5. What color compliments you both?

It’s okay to be a little selfish on this day. Select a color that you both love and makes you feel and look great. While the bride traditionally wears white, there’s still so many different ways to incorporate color into your wedding day glow. Down from the shoes, hair piece, jewelry, and flowers of course, you can add some pop to your day. And for our groom, there are countless ways for the wedding color to be showcased, from the suit to the pocket square and tie or bowtie, down to the socks, these are just some ways to jazz up your look.

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7 Planning Tips For The Newly Engaged

Congratulations on your engagement! You said “YES!”, now what’s next? We know that this is an exciting season in your life, and we understand that the excitement can wear off when the reality of planning a wedding sets in. We are here to help, to calm those nerves and remind you to enjoy the process of planning your wedding. So throw those stress nerves out the window and plan with ease.

Orange County Engagement Photographer -

1. enjoy being engaged

Don’t get ahead of yourself and jump into planning the minute you say “YES!”. This is an exciting time, one of the best, so don’t overload your plate. Planning your wedding should be a fun and enjoyable time, not a reason to pull your hair out. *Bonus Tip: For every hour spent planning make sure to spend another hour with your fiancé with no wedding talk.

2. don’t stress over planning a “perfect” wedding

There is no one way to do a “perfect” wedding, so let’s not fixate on that. Your wedding should be all about you and your fiancé. So don’t fall into the trap of being “traditional”, you can skip the garter toss or bouquet toss, if it’s not for you. Have as many bridesmaids and groomsmen as you’d like! Find what you both love and don’t love and go based on that.

3. talk about the big three

There are three conversations you must have once you’re engaged: Budget, Wedding size, and Location. This is all crucial to kick start your wedding planning. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a venue that doesn’t accommodate your guest list, or budget too low and feel like you’re settling. These conversations don’t need to be hard, but they must be talked about early on.

We’d love to connect you with others in the industry: Preferred Vendor List

4. prioritize what matters to you

When planning for a wedding it is important to prioritize what matters most to you. I always advice my couples to tackle everything in three’s. So, for example, if the venue, photography and videography are your top three, then search for these vendors first. Don’t overwhelm your search with options. For each category allow yourself three vendors to inquire with. Once you have found the vendor for each of these categories, move on to your next top three. This helps you plan with ease and stay on budget.

5. trust your soon-to-be husband with the planning

Don’t assume that he’s not into it, or doesn’t care what colors or flowers will be displayed at the wedding. It is very important to always consider what the other person wants and simply not assume. A good way to see where you both stand on the outcome for your wedding is to come together and create a list of priorities. This will help you both be aligned with your vision.

6. don’t worry too much about others

For those of you who have planned a wedding before know how much people love to share opinions and advice for your big day. While some of it can be totally helpful, at times it can be a bit awkward or just not wanted at all. Want to know a secret? It doesn’t matter! You know why? Because it is your day and you should be considering yourself and your fiancé. In the end you two have control over your wedding. If you’re finding yourself in this current situation, just brush it off!

So Cal Engagement Photographer -

7. engagement photos are necessary

Each year we get some couples who want to opt out their engagement session, but friends, we want to educate you on the importance of these photos. They are here as a memory of who you two are before you say I do. A testimony to the love you had, and will always have. They’re perfect to use for your save the dates or as decor for the big day. During this time we get to know each other, and how we work. But most importantly, it is one of the best experiences to make you comfortable in front of the camera, because let’s be real, most of the time this is the first time for most.

Newport Beach Engagement Session, Orange County Photographer -

Your engagement season only happens once, and you guys, it’s the best. It should be about being in love, soaking up the excitement, and getting ready to start a new adventure together. Just because you said “yes” doesn’t mean you need to stop dating. Remember to continue the romance even more now! Try new places, spend more time together and away from planning.

Read more about our Wedding Planning Checklist to help keep you organized with wedding planning! Need a tangible copy, print it out here

Marvel Wedding

how they met

Lacie and Daniel first met while Daniel was working at Foot Locker. Lacie had made an attempt to start a conversation with him, but he was standoffish (Daniel was dating someone at that time, so take it easy on him guys!). So, Lacie went on her way. Some time after this not-so-successful chat, they happen to bump into each other at their local store. There they were in the same isle… he was buying cereal and soup, and she was buying cookies and candy. They commented on their food choices and joked around, and quickly realized they already knew each other from working at the mall together. A few days after they ran into each other, again, at the mall, Daniel held the door open for her and they went on their day. This is when the romance started, one day, she walked up to her car and found a note with “AE GIRL” written on it from Daniel aka “Sports fever guy”…then note was a cute and oh so romantic way oh him asking her out. Well, we all know the response to that note because they’ve been together ever since. Now, tell me you don’t believe in fate!

the proposal

Letters have a lot of significance in Lacie and Daniel’s relationship, so it was only appropriate that Daniel arrange a scavenger hunt for Lacie to propose to her. I mean, how perfect is this!

the wedding

I just loved my time with Lacie and Daniel! Their journey together has been incredible and I felt so honored to be by their side on this special day. These two love each other with no limits. When Daniel talks of Lacie, you feel the love! The entire wedding was filled with beautiful details and so much emotion. 

Lacie & Daniel sure know how to plan a stunning wedding. I loved every detail they included for their big day. One of my favorites was this beautiful ring passed down by Daniels grandmother. 

Lacie talked about how she always dreamt of getting married out in a beautiful garden, filled with greenery and florals, Ethereal Gardens in Escondido, CA was the perfect location for that.

Their wedding day was just perfect besides the unpredictable weather. The day began with some drizzle, 30-minutes from the start of their ceremony, they even debated relocating indoors. I’m so happy Lacie decided to wait it off a bit. The rain stopped just as we were getting ready to start and they were able to have the ceremony they dreamed of. And you know what they say, rain only brings good luck.

Mr. & Mrs. Marvel

But let’s rewind back, some of my favorite moments are when I’m hanging out with the gals. One of the many great things about planning your wedding is getting to do it with your best friends. The gals that make you smile from ear to ear. I always love to see how helpful and excited these girls are for their brides. 

Lacie and her gals were seriously so stunning in their mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Loved how much fun they were having together.

Don’t worry, the boys were having fun too!

In fact, the entire wedding party was enjoying themselves. Probably one of the most outgoing wedding parties to date. Not one complaint. Everyone was truly and genuinely so happy to be there, and to support Lacie & Daniel! 

My, other, favorite part of the day is when I get the bride and groom alone for their sweetheart portraits. It’s a time to get them to relax and soak up the fact that they just said “I do”. The smiles and love gazed eyes say it all.

Don’t worry, we don’t keep them long, we make sure to send them off to their grand entranced with ease! We want nothing else but to have our couples enjoy their reception and the rest of their wedding festivities with no worry.

[I envision our wedding] extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. We want a day to truly represent us as individuals and together as a couple. We knew we wanted an outdoor event space, with plenty of greenery, rustic farm tables, with subtle shades of pink, and a light airy feel all around.

Lacie Lee Marvel

Creative Team

Venue: Ethereal Garden Venue

Photographer: Stephanie Weber Photography

Florals: Flowers By Kendra

HMUA: Nicole Does Hair

Musician: @laurenarasim

Vow Books: Sam Allen Creates

Cake: Susies Cakes Bakery

Wedding Favors: A few of My Favorite

Video: Sean Fresh Films

Dress: Posh Brides San Diego

Shoes: Badgley Mischka Bride

Invitations: Minted

Dj: Mike Farmer Entertainment 

Forever in Wonderland

One of the wonderful things about being a photographer is having the ability to express ourselves through our art, and curate beautiful imagery. I wanted to create something that combined some of my most loved interests with my passion of photography. This is when my fellow friend, Melissa, and I decided to design a fairy tale wedding inspired by Alice In Wonderland.

I have grown up a Disney fan (who hasn’t, right?) and one of my favorite films is Alice In Wonderland. I admire how different she is amongst all the princess’ (even though Alice isn’t really considered one) and maybe this is what I loved most about her character. I loved how she wasn’t afraid to be bold, to go outside the lines, and to speak her mind. While in wonderland she comes across things out of the ordinary, people out of the ordinary and she perseveres.

Have you ever seen a more perfect pair? These two were straight out of a fairytale, with a love a connection so strong, they were definitely in wonderland.

“Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

– Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

We recreated a lot of the elements in the film, from the tea cups, clocks and whimsical florals to the “eat me” cookies, and we even had Lewis, Carol and Alice join our mad tea party as our very important guests. The designs chosen for the ceremony and reception site included a mismatched combination of shabby chic rentals, bringing to life the mad tea party. We showcased vintage books, keys, and even The White Rabbit made an appearance throughout the shoot.We ended our shoot as the sun set and our couple enjoyed reading a book, much like when the story began with Alice and she entered wonderland as her sister read her a book.

From Sam with Sam Allen Creates: “When Stephanie Weber reached out to me about working on an Alice in Wonderland styled shoot, I enthusiastically responded, “YES!!” I love all things Disney so when I get to combine that passion with my love of paper and design, I just get giddy! The mood board for the shoot was primarily a garden wedding, so I while I designed the invite, I thought about ways to make the invitation classy like a garden wedding, but whimsical for Alice’s topsy turvy world. I wrapped the invite in a sheet of vellum printed with vines, but with a unique cut for that touch of whimsy, but my favorite part was the wax seal, impressed with a key! These elements combined to give that “through the looking glass” feel as you enter into Wonderland. Once the guest opened up their invitation, they were greeted with a simple invite with draping vines. A pop of color was added through the blush pink envelope and large hand-painted flowers!”

The shoot was made possible because of so many wonderful and talented vendors, much like Ioana with CocoaBerry Cake Co. – I mean, look at the amazing display of cakes that joined our tea party. From the delicate hand-painted flowers, to the whimsical display of flowers covering the tasty cake.

From Alison with New Creation Floral Design: “Alice in Wonderland inspired the vision of this shoot from décor to florals. In the Disney Version of the story, the flowers are portrayed as an eclectic array of floral varieties. This being said, New Creation Floral Design and Vineyard Floral Design wanted to play off this theme by creating the arrangements of Alice’s dreams. The designs showcased the season’s best including Beatrice Garden Roses, which are valued for their beautiful form, unique colors and exquisite scent. They were aged to perfection in order to open the garden roses to best show off their delicately ruffled petals. Additionally, the designs also included locally grown Ranunculus, Lisianthus and Anemones, that are grown in sunny Southern California of the flower farm, Crimson Sky Ranch, but are shipped worldwide for their exquisite beauty.

The color scheme of the shoot was a playful variety of Dusty Blue, White, Gold, Coral, and Sage. The florals provided the backdrop of the shoot with bold, pops of color and lots of textures. The bridal bouquet was designed loose and airy to have the look of being fresh picked and playfully arranged straight from the garden. It included, additional varieties of flowers too, including Blush Stock, Yellow Butterfly Bush, Light Blue Delphinium, White Wax Flower and little Chamomile Daisies, which were an intentional addition based on the opening scene in the Disney Version of Alice in Wonderland. 

The ceremony site featured a playful collection of three vintage doors decorated with lush greenery and colorful florals. They provided an impeccably lighthearted backdrop to nuptials and were later utilized behind the head table after the ceremony.

The reception theme hearkened back to the brilliantly fun and slightly eccentric Unbirthday Party! Complete with lush compotes of perfectly asymmetrical blooms, mismatched tea cups, elegant calligraphy and of course a gorgeous cake. 

The lounge area of the shoot had a collection of props that represented the time period of the original Through the looking Glass by Lewis Carrol. Including, gilded frames, patterned china, and a Victorian lounge. All the pieces are further accentuated by the colorful blooms and wonderful props that create the shoot’s overall look.

Lastly, Alice’s beauty in the shoot leaves no one wondering if she is a “wildflower.” In fact, it is plain to see that her elegance surpasses the beauty of all the flowers in Alice’s garden.

This shoot could have not been possible without our beloved vendors and friends.

Photographer: @Stephanieweberphotog

Venue: @chateauadare

Florals: @Newcreationfloral & @bloom_lady

Stationery & Calligraphy: @Samallencreates

Cake: @cocoaberrycakeco

Vintage Lounge, Dessert Table & Peony Arch: @lepetitjardinvintage + @lpjstylist

Vintage Furniture Rentals & Decor: @touchedbytime

Table Top Rentals: @birdieinabarn

Videographer: @bvtvisuals

HMUA: @sandyhillegaartbeauty

Tux: @friar & @stitchandtie

Dress: @krustalloscouture

Veil: @aw.bridal

Ring Box: @lacebyrdofficial

Acrylic Signage: @Olivemintshop

Velvet Ribbon: @Emmalinhco

Planners: Stephanie Weber Photography & Melissa Fe Chapman Photography

See our publication over at Bridal Musings!

Vintage Spanish Wedding Inspiration at Villa Del Sol

We loved this colorful Spanish inspired shoot styled by Leilani Weddings. I mean, what’s not to love? From the bold colors, to the Villa Del Sol historic courtyard, and the adorable alpacas! Everything worked so perfectly together to give it an old Spanish feel. We loved all the elements that were incorporated to make this shoot an amazing one.

Villa Del Sol is one of my favorite venues. It offers some of the dreamiest light against all the greenery. It feels like you are entering an oasis the minute you step into the courtyard. The fountain brings so much serenity, along with the streaming lights, to set the ambiance and the breeze that comes through. One of our favorite backdrops is the historic California sign painted at the top of Villa Del Sol’s balcony. 

When envisioning the design for this shoot, we were deeply inspired by the Spanish flare and vintage feel of Villa Del Sol, truly a hidden gem in the heart of Fullerton, CA. We wanted to create a Spanish-themed styled shoot with a romantic twist that evoked emotion and made you feel as if you were transported to an entirely different country. We used the venue’s lush greenery as the framework with copper details and bright florals to complete the romantic mood.Our models had the best time drinking champagne out of vintage coupes and lounging on the intricate balcony that wraps around the entire venue. The extravagant flower crown and brightly colored lip on the bride coupled with the groom’s crisp casual look was paired perfectly with two alpacas (of course, with flower necklaces to match!) to transport you to a Spanish paradise. 

Leilani Weddings


We are so humbled to have our work published at one of our favorite blogs! Working with so many colors, and elements is amazing to get creative with. This shoot is definitely one of our favorites. Head to Inspired By This Blog to view more and to see why they loved this shoot so much! 

[A few] of our favorite elements? For starters, the venue, Villa del Sol, couldn’t be more picturesque or perfect for the theme. Its grand courtyard exudes that old Spanish feel the designers at Leilani Weddings were going for, and we love all the lush greenery! Modern copper chairs and a stunning Tara Lauren gown continue to send us over the edge, but it is the combination of all these that makes this shoot extra special! We know you’ll love the Spanish wedding inspiration as much as we do…

Vendor Love

Venue: @villadelsolvenue

Photography: @stephanieweberphotog

Videography: @foolishlyrushingin

Florals: @bloomtheorydesign

Rentals + Lounge: @foundrentals

Tabletop Rentals: @adorefolklore

Napkins + Table Runners: @bbjlinen

Day-of Stationery: @olivemintshop

Invitation Suite: @hungryheartink

Alpacas: @_alpacasandbeyond_

Dresses: @tara_lauren 

Tux: @friartux

Cake: @samsammcustomcakes

Hair + Makeup: @flawlessfacesbeautylounge

Ring Box: @lacebyrdofficial

Planning + Design: @leilaniweddings_nikki

Models: @bellacolffer @missorangecountyteen @kylekfromthebay 

Disneyland Family Session

This year I had the pleasure of working with the Vo-Gignac family. Mom and Dad wanted to celebrate Ollie’s second birthday at the happiest place on earth. I love Disneyland, so much that my kiddos are usually the ones not wanting to tag along. I could honestly be there all day. So you could imagine my excitement when Juliette reached out to me for Ollie’s birthday photos at the most magical place!

Disneyland Photography Session. -

Ollie was so cute, he was loving all the Christmas decorations and all the rides we got to enjoy together. I would have to say his favorite was Pirates of the Caribbean, or maybe the teacups…no wait Jungle Cruise…who am I kidding? He loved them all!

Thank you Juliette, Jeff and Ollie for letting me tag along and document this fun day for you and for being willing to dance in the middle of New Orlean’s Square as the band played!

Want to learn more about how to book your session at Disneyland with us? We love to document the experience of you and your family making these memories. As you ride the attractions and really soak up that smile your little one makes as they see their favorite Disney character or the expression as they walk around the park. Our vision is for you all to enjoy your time at Disneyland together as we get those little in between moments for you.